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Sigma SD14-FD Mount Replacement kit



The SD14-FD Mount replacement kit opens the exiting possibility of using the extraordinary family of manual Canon FD lenses.


These lenses were among the best in the World since Canon was participating heavily in the Olympic Journalism , with its insuperable Canon F1.


There are many lenses that were left Orphan by Canon's swift decision of changing the mount design , from the purely mechanical to the current Electronic Mount .


Many of these lenses have no equal in Canon's contemporary lineup. The 35 mm f3.5 Shift and Tilt , shown here at left, allows for easy correction of converging lines in almost any direction .


Tilting the lens up simultaneously with an upward shift is at the core of Architectural Photography , since it provides the correct reproduction of vertical lines while at the same time increasing the depth of field.


The family of high Speed FD lenses created for the Olympics is deservedly famous and secure the place of Canon as the official Camera of the Olympics.


Now with this Mount Replacement kit you can put these extraordinary lenses to good use again,in the camera that is quickly becoming the camera of choice of discriminating photographers that want the best Image Quality available for a reasonable price.


We do not keep this mounts in stock , they are made to order in less than ten days.



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